Are you ready to glow for summer?


So girls, the summer is here, we are starting to show off slightly more of our limbs and the panic sets in..."I'm so pale!" Well do not fear, Effortless Beauty is here! Spray tans are so popular from Easter to Halloween, but what do we need to know to ensure they are flawless and glowing? 

trial run  

First of all it's a really good idea if you have a special event coming up to have a 'test' spray tan prior to the pre-event appointment. You don't want to feel uncomfortable, much too tanned and different from what you are used to, when it's too late to begin a manic scrub! 

Body Prep

We recommend that 24hrs prior, you complete a full scrub but ladies I'm not suggesting that you spend three hours in the bath doing a whole spa exfoliation! Get yourself a pair of exfoliating gloves, apply some soap and rub it in until your heart's content! Concentrate especially on the elbows, knees and ankles. Before your appointment, make sure you have no deodorant or creams on, as this can stop the tan developing or cause a greenish colour under the arms (I kid you not!) 

Loose Clothing! 

Come for your appointment wearing loose clothing and old underwear - I have had clients come in pjs or onesies- all are acceptable and we will definitely not judge you! If possible it's best to get sprayed in the evening, which we can accommodate with parking right outside the salon.

The following day, shower as normal and don't panic if beforehand you look as if you've been in the Carribean for a long time! It will be beautifully bronzed underneath once you shower off. Pat dry and apply some moisturiser. Voila! A gorgeous beautifully bronzed better version of you...

Lynne x