Smolder, sparkle & pop!

With the new Senna Selfie palette now in salon, I couldn't resist the opportunity to try out a few looks at home and share with you girls :) The entire palette is just amazing, the pigmentation of each eyeshadow and the two blush colours are fab! I have created a swatch below to show you each colour, starting with the blushes on the left: 

Flicker (peach blush), Charmed (pink blush), Earthshine, Apricot Sparkle, Heliotrope, Smolder and Granite Gray


  • Flicker the peach blush, is my new favourite blusher and it is just beaut with a tan! I've had good use out of it this summer ❤️
  • Charmed is the second blush a more pink toned which will suit any skin tone.
  • Earthshine, the first eyeshadow on the left, is a beige toned sparkle colour. It is a fantastic transition colour and is used in Look 1 below.
  • The next colour, Apricot Sparkle, is my favourite. I am in love with this! (the photos do not do it justice). With highlighting and strobing being the next new trend, this is the best highlighter I've come across (and I've tried a LOT of highlighters!). This satin pale pinky creamy eyeshadow is a gem and will make those cheekbones pop! It reflects various colours on the skin so it always looks different after each application. 
  • Heliotrope is the next shade and I used this when creating Look 2. It's a pale lilac sparkle to add some colour to different looks. 
  • Another favourite of mine is Smolder which I used in Look 1. This is a dark brown with warm red undertones and I feel this really made my blue eyes pop! I always use warm colours on my eyes such as oranges, browns or with warm red undertones to bring out the blueness as orange is opposite blue on the colour wheel. If you have green eyes purple will be best suited to enhance the green as purple is opposite green on the colour wheel. 
  • The last shade is Granite Grey and I used this in Look 2. It would be great for an evening makeup as it is a smokey grey toned shadow.  

Look 1 (warm tones)

Created using Flicker blush, Apricot Sparkle as a highlight on cheekbone and under brow, Earthshine on the inside of lid and Smolder blended into the crease and outer corner of the eye. 

Look 2 (cool tones)

Created using Charmed blush, Apricot Sparkle as highlight on cheekbones and under brow bone, Heliotrope on inner lid and Granite Gray in crease and outer eye. 

In both looks, my eyes were maintained by Effortless Beauty Brow powder, dark blonde. The Senna selfie palette and other gorgeous products are available to purchase online here or from the salon. If you'd like to book a makeup application we'd be delighted to see you :)

Jess x